Aleph Champ plus Bar Mitzvah
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Give your child a fun-filled and meaningful Bar Mitzvah, where getting there is half of the fun

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Are you looking for a program that will teach your kids to read Hebrew in a fun-filled and creative way? Are you looking for an innovative Bar Mitzvah program?

This program is made possible by a grant by Louis Weider in loving memory of his father, Ben Weider.

Fully Customized Program for YOUR child:

We offer:

- Hebrew Reading from beginners to fluency
- Innovative Program making learning fun and interactive
- Torah Reading Skills
- Jewish Heritage & History Instruction
- Small groups for maximization of study time; 1:3 teacher/student ratio or smaller

No affiliation necessary.

Ask about our complete Bar Mitzvah hosting package. Meaningful service.

Reasonable budgets.

For more info, call our office at 514-937-4772

hag.jpg Aleph Champ + Bar Mitvza
Give your child a fun-filled and meaningful Bar Mitzvah
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