You are invited to a

Shabbat of Inspiration
Celebrating the leadership of The Rebbe

-Shabbat Day, 30 Sivan, 5777-
June 24, 2017

Torah Class with Rabbi Yossi at 9:00 AM
Services begin at 10:00 AM

11:30 AM
The Rebbe, Trudeau & I
A family saga of hope and leadership
Rabbi Ephraim Schmukler

1:30 PM
Finding the ✡ in the Lone Star State
Rabbi Asher Hecht Mcallen, Texas
Rabbi Yitzchok Schmuker Bay Area, Texas
Buffet kiddush lunch will be served.

Chabad of Westmount
Westmount Square, Tower Four 
See below for more information.
No RSVP necessary.

Rabbi Efraim Schmukler - Farbrengen

Rabbis Asher Hecht & Yitzchok Schmukler - Farbrengen