For Women Only
High Holiday Meditations, Teachings and Prayers
with Rebitzin Devorah Shanowitz

The High Holidays are almost here, and with it, the opportunity to introspect about our lives, our hopes, and dreams. As women, our hearts are filled with hope for blessing and strength for the coming year.  Yet,  in the rush to ensure a wonderful holiday for everyone around us, we often miss the mark for ourselves.

This year, give yourself the gift of connection to your inner self at the High Holidays. This session will help you experience this sacred time in a most meaningful and impactful way.  You will connect to the story behind the songs,  study the meaning of the prayers, meditate and experience the High Holidays with purpose and meaning. This year, make Rosh Hashana a memorable one, an empowering one and an inspiring one.

For women only.
Reserve now. No Membership or affiliation required. No Charge. 

Rosh Hashana, Tuesday, September 7, 2021
Tefillah with Devorah at 11:00 am
Followed by Shofar Blowing at 11:45 am

Located at 361 Kensington Ave, Westmount, Qc H3Z 2H2

Join us for the session. Give yourself the gift of a meaningful High Holiday experience. Open your mind. Touch your soul.