Purim in NYC - RSVP


Purim Schedule


Wednesday, 20 March
Fast of Esther

5:41 am  Fast begins
7:30 am  Shacharis Morning Services
1:30 pm  Mincha, Afternoon Services & Giving of Half Shekel
7:30 pm Maariv/Arvit Service 
7:36 pm  Fast Ends: Megillah Reading - Kids Crafts & Program
               Cheesecake, Coffee & Dairy Delights


Megillah Reading at 7:30 pm 
Kids Crafts & Program - Cheesecake, Coffee & Dairy Delights 

Thursday, 21 March
Purim Day

7:30 am  Shacharis Morning services (Megillah reading at 8am)
               Breakfast: Bagels & Lox & Coffee
1:30 pm  Mincha (Megillah reading at 2pm - L'Chaim & Sushi)
5:00 pm  Purim in NYC by RSVP only

                Event starts with Megillah reading


1st Megillah Reading 8 am
Breakfast: Bagels & Lox & Coffee
2nd Megillah Reading 12 pm
L'Chaim & Sushi

3rd Megillah Reading at 2 pm
L'Chaim & Sushi

4th Megillah Reading at 5 pm
BIG BASH - Purim Party, Buffet Dinner, Purim NYC Style 
By RSVP only. Tickets going fast. RSVP here.