As you are aware, as with other schools and synagogues, the doors of Chabad Westmount have been closed since Sunday of this week.
During these unprecedented times, we need each other more than ever before, not less! To that end, we have shifted from operating out of our physical space to a virtual space. Through the gift of modern technology, we are able to gather together, remotely, from our homes to inspire and be inspired, to learn and to teach, to share and to receive.
We have already begun the process.
Our youth outreach, classes and minyan are already buzzing online. Our Hebrew School, Westmount Hebrew, has been set to go virtual from this Sunday. We are adding classes, learning and remote programs as the days go on.
Here is a list of what's already happening:



We have begun a Virtual Tefillin & Minyan
Shachrit at 8:30 am
Followed by a Passover class with Rabbi Yossi Shanowitz
Mincha at 1:30 pm
You don't have to be a regular to join!
The world definitely could use more prayer.
To access this Minyan, please connect here:
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 587 511 6251
Access PIN: 770
Please have a Tzedaka box with some coins handy, as we will begin with prayers with the giving of Tzedaka.


We have already begun streaming our regular Torah classes on line.
This week several classes were streamed via Zoom.
Here are the classes being streamed.
We will be adding more classes in the coming days.
Monday: Torah with Devorah at 11:00 am access here
Tuesday: Halacha class 12:45 pm with Rabbi Ariel access here
Wednesday: Talmud class 12:45-1:30 with Rabbi Ariel access here
Wednesday: JLI Class 12:30 pm with Rabbi Yossi
Judaism's Gift to the World access here

Access PIN: 770

Cours En Francais:

- Lundi à 19h cours de Torah paracha avec Rabbi Shimon 
- Mardi à 12:30pm cours de Guemara Talmud avec Rabbi Shimon 
- Jeudi à 19h cours de Tanya avec Rabbi Shimon
- Pour des cours de Torah privé virtuel contactez Rabbi Shimon
Rabbi Shimon Partouche vous invite à une réunion Zoom planifiée.
ID de réunion : 348 520 4715


Tuesday Torah & Beer with Rabbi Ariel at 9:00 pm
Thursday Girls Chat with Mushky at 9:00 pm
Thursday CEGEP and University Torah at 8 pm


Chabad Westmount Outreach continues. Whether it is for Mezuzah, Tefillin, Matzah or anything you need assistance with, contact Rabbi Ariel here.


Our Smile On Seniors Program continues through the telephone as our amazing Chabad Westmount Jteens reach out to our seniors in Westmount. If you know a senior who would appreciate a call, please let us know here.


Our Bar Mitzvah and Hebrew at Home program continues through the internet. Please contact Rabbi Ariel here for further info.



Our amazing Westmount Hebrew Sunday school continues through online learning. If your child attends Westmount Hebrew, contact Mushky here for more info.
More classes are in formation. Please stay tuned.
Please let us know if there are any topics that you would like to see addressed or to learn. Let us know here.



Our Passover Matzah campaign, and our Sale of Chametz service will be online this year. Please see our Friday Email for more info.



Through these trying times, another wonderful resource is our website. Through our partners at, we have a complete site on the current situation. Including: How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus,
or Six Things You Can Do Now and much more.
You can access our Special Coverage here. Kids bored? We have a wonderful kids channel here.



Contact Rabbi Yossi here
or Rebbitzin Devorah here
Jewish mysticism teaches us that every darkness exists to create light; that every descent is for a sake of even greater ascent.
Let us rise to the challenge during this historic time and bring out the best in ourselves and each other.
We pledge to do all that we can.
Please join us in making this world filled with more goodness, more kindness, more light.
May we all be blessed with open and revealed good.
May we be blessed to see a world united and healed;
a world suffused with Divine wisdom, justice and peace.
May we merit to see the complete Geula.
Your devoted team at Chabad of Westmount
Rabbi Yossi & Devorah
Rabbi Ariel & Mushky
Rabbi Shimon & Rivkah
Given the healing that the world needs, now is a good time to make a resolution to put on Tefillin, to light Shabbat candles, to add in the giving of Tzedaka and in the saying of Tehillim (psalms). An auspicious chapter during these times is Chapter 91. You can read it here. In as much as we must do all that we can physically to ensure good health, let us also do all that we can spiritually to bring healing to this world.