Understanding Talmud
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A lively study of the Talmud and the structure of Jewish law

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The Talmud is arguably the most important Jewish text after the Bible.

It’s teaching has been axiomatic to Jewish observance for nearly 2,000 years. All of Jewish law is ultimately derived from rulings in the Talmud.

Yet, despite its central role and its unparalleled legal arguments that have amazed so many for so long, ignorance and misconceptions about the Talmud abound.

This fascinating class is a comprehensive study and analysis of the origins, history and development of the Talmud and will examine how it came to occupy its central position in the observance and understanding of Judaism. This course will also shed light on the structure of the Talmud, it’s authors and commentators will explain their respective roles in our understanding of the Talmud.

5 weeks series
Wednesdays at 12:30 pm
Begins Wednesday, November 12, 2015

Instructor: Rabbi Yossi Shanowitz

Lunch: Optional $10

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