For boys turning 13 years from Fall 2024 through Summer 2025


Here are some of the topics that we will cover on our Bar Mitzvah Club Journey this year:

Trip to visit a sofer (scribe) to explore how Tefillin & Mezuzot are made, writing with ink on parchment paper  I  Kiddush Cup Metal Workshop  I  Lecture with Holocaust Survivor  I  Tikkkun Olam: Chessed Humanitarian Project  I   Shabbat experience in shul for all Bar Mitzvah Boys  I  Grand Finale Trip to laser tag


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Bar Mitzvah Preparation & Celebration

Design your custom plan A-Z  I  One-on-one tutoring sessions  I  Choice between Ashkenazi and Sephardic Service  I  Bar Mitzvah Celebration tailored to suit your needs & budget  I   Beautiful Venue & Catering Options  I  Private Classes  

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Bar Mitzvah Questions?

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